Top Three Video Conferencing Websites

In this day and age when a huge population of the US is trying to settle in WFH culture, a good video conferencing website or tool is the need of the hour. 

In case you are new to the video conferencing world, let us tell you that you can hold different types of conferences online using these tools, no matter where you and your team members are based. You can hold audio-only meetings or video conferencing with the use of a webcam. You just need a stable internet connection and you can do it over phone, laptop, tablet or desktop. 

Here are the top three video conferencing websites that may help – 

Skype for Business

It has always been helpful for long-distance calls over computer or mobile devices. Earlier Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business comes really handy to hold online video meetings. It has a lot of features for both free and paid versions. You can also collaborate online and share desktop in real time with your team or clients. It also has an option to record meetings for further references.

Google Meet or Hangouts Meet

It is another business savvy tool which has been upgraded from the classic version of Google Hangouts just recently. It requires a G Suite account to make the most of this meeting tool. You can organize live conferences using Google Hangouts. But there is a limit in hosting a number of people for online conferences. It allows you to host maximum 100 people with G Suite Enterprise edition. But you can start with G Suite Basic which has a limit for 25 people at the same time. It is a good choice if you are a startup and you have less staff. You can also upgrade to G Suite Business later, which allows you to host 50 members at a time. 


Who can forget this popular video conferencing tool which has come as a great help in this lockdown period. It allows you to host maximum of 100 people for 40 minutes at the entry-level. This tool also allows you to share screens with others. For private sessions, it has a breakout room. With Enterprise Plus, you can host a maximum of 1000 people with no time limit.